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Pre-Need Planning

At Schmid Funeral Home we know how difficult a death in the family is, especially if the family has the added burden of planning the funeral at the time of death.

Many people fail to realize how many decisions must be made at the time of a death. There is little time to make the necessary arrangements, and funeral choices can be overwhelming.

We are specially trained to discuss these decisions with you, and explain all of the options in funeral and cremation services. We are able to help with pre-financing, Veterans, and Social Security benefits. Preplanning your funeral helps determine your wishes and control your costs. It reduces the burden on your family; in short it is one of the best things you can do for your family.

Please contact us whenever you feel we may be of assistance. Our address and phone number and email are listed to the left. We also offer on-line preplanning if you would prefer to start planning that way. Click on the preplanning button if you would like to use our on-line preplanning.

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